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QA Education

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Brand implementation & Templates

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QA Education are 'a private UK higher education provider. Working in partnership with universities, colleges and education specialists in the UK, they recruit, market and deliver a range of programmes from foundation level, to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. All designed to support students’ future career aspirations.'

This is one of many projects we've produced for QA. In this instance, we were asked to produce a series of poster and flyer templates for in-house use based on a set of specific guidelines for a range of the institutions they work with.

Susie is hands down one of the best designers we have ever worked with! We often have pressing deadlines and little time to write in depth briefs and even with the little information we provide she hits the nail on the head every single time! We cannot thank her enough for her time and dedication she has given us over the years and we will continue to work with Susie for many years to come as she is truly awesome at what she does.”

Sophie Vale, 

Marketing Advancement & Services Manager, QA

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